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5 Mistakes that Consumers Make when Choosing an Auto Transport Company

5 Mistakes that Consumers Make when Choosing an Auto Transport Company

5 Mistakes that Consumers Make when Choosing an Auto Transport Company

Auto Transport Company HiringWhether you have bought a new car, transporting your old one across the country, or trying to bring your damaged car to a salvage yard, you cannot afford to make a misguided decision when selecting an auto transport company.  Mistakes can cost you in repairs—or even force you to get a replacement car. 

To avoid the repercussions of choosing the wrong auto transport company, it is best to arm yourself with extensive knowledge and be aware of best practices.  Here are five common mistakes made by consumers when selecting auto transport professionals:

Signing a Contract Based on Shipping Speed

You may have investigated auto transport as a last-minute option for your car.  However, if you are purely selecting an auto transport company based on how fast they can get your car to its destination, you may be in trouble.  After all, your car being delivered safely should be your chosen company’s top priority, not speed. However, when looking for an auto transport company, you should also be aware of the estimated delivery day; if you do not receive one, that could also be an indication that you should not select that auto transport provider.

Not Checking Credentials of an Auto Transport Company

You will want to make sure that the auto transport company you choose has the correct licenses, certifications, insurance, and any supporting professional accreditations to perform your service request.  By not choosing a company that can cover damages to your car during transit—particularly if you don’t opt for a closed carrier—you may be forced to pay out-of-pocket costs. The auto transport company in that instance may have a special clause in their contract that eliminates their responsibility for any minor damages or loss of items during transport. 

Hint: if an auto transport company is registered with the Department of Transportation, they are typically a reputable company.

Paying a Hefty Deposit

Reputable auto transport companies should not charge you more than a quarter of the total cost as your upfront deposit.  Sometimes, paying in advance for services is not actually beneficial to you. If you pay a large amount as your safety deposit early, you may be a victim of fraudulent activity.  Be sure to confirm the details of your auto shipping service before you pay a safety deposit.

Going for the Lowest Possible Price to Ship Your Car

Insurance for auto transport companies is expensive.  If you are given a particularly low quote, chances are that that auto transport company is not up-to-date in either their license or insurance.  A low price might also cause your wait time for delivery to increase significantly due to lack of profitability for the company. This practice may force you to add on additional services just to get your vehicle transported at all, costing you more money in the long-term.

Not Asking Questions

Figuring out auto transport can be difficult and stressful.  You may not know whether an auto transport company is offering you a good deal on your requested services and are worried about value for price.  Or, maybe you are concerned because the contract you are about to sign is unclear. Before signing away the future of your car’s safety, do not be afraid to ask the company questions to gauge whether they are the best fit for you.

You and your car deserve the best auto transport experience possible.  By avoiding these mistakes, you can reduce your associated costs and increase your comfort level. At Big Sky Auto Transport, our knowledgeable and certified professionals ensure your car’s safety for your peace of mind.  Check out our range of available services and contact us to schedule your next auto transport.

If you need additional information or want an estimate from one of Big Sky Auto Transport’s service experts you can request an Instant Quote or call (406) 453-4590.

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