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Car Shipping Tips for Snowbirds

Car Shipping Tips for Snowbirds

 Car Shipping Tips for Snowbirds

auto transport winter Every winter many people move south for the season, eager to avoid the frigid weather during the cold season.  Looking forward to experiencing the warmer weather, they usually have no plans to return until spring is back in action.  While some snowbirds drive their vehicles down, many people prefer the convenience of flying, and arrange for shipping their cars separately to get them to their temporary homes in the south.  Transporting your car rather than driving it down has many benefits.  It saves a lot of time, gas, money and lets not forget about the wear and tear on your car.

For snowbirds,  shipping their cars to another location like California or Arizona and having the car shipping process go smoothly is essential.  You want to be able to enjoy your temporary home, not worry about how to get your car from the northernmost parts of the US or Canada down south.  Car shipping can be the most stressful part of moving for snowbirds, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way.  Read on for some of our best tips on shipping your vehicle.

1. Be the Early Bird

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your spot on the trailer, remember that Snowbird routes are seasonal routes that get planned out weeks in advance.  Between September and June each year, more than 250,000 vehicles are shipped.  Since each car transporter vehicle will only carry between eight and eleven cars at a time, spacing is very limited.  Booking ahead of time will not only guarantee you a spot, it will also save you money.

Booking a truck 35-40 days ahead of your estimated arrival is a good figure for how early you should line up transport for your cars and vehicles.  Once the space on a carrier’s truck fills up, the demand for the spot goes up, and the prices are quick to follow.

2. Don’t Give a Deposit

Serious auto transporters will not ask for a deposit to hold your spot on their auto transporting trailer.  If the carrier you’ve chosen asks for a deposit, look for any signs of a scam.  Having paid a deposit ahead of time just to find out that your car doesn’t actually have a spot on a trailer, and will have to wait until a carrier has spare room on their trailer, is not a fun situation to be in.  Avoid it by steering clear of companies that ask for a deposit before your car is loaded.

3. Don’t Pick a Newbie

Of course there are reliable start-up auto carriers, but we’re giving you the tips for how to keep your car shipping a hassle-free experience as you’re moving south for the winter.  And the fact is, that the longer a transport company has been in business, the more proof you have that they are reliable.  After three years, an auto transporter is only still in business because they know what they are doing.

Another perk with transport companies that have been around longer, is that they will have a bigger network to draw on, so they can call on other carriers to guarantee you a spot during the snow bird transport season.  Look for an auto transporter with about three years experience, and you should be in the clear.  Now, don’t forget to check out our range of available services with Big Sky Auto Transport and contact us to schedule your next auto transport.

4. Don’t be Too Cheap

We get it, you want to save money.  We all do.  The problem is that the auto transport business is like every other business out there: you usually get what you’re paying for.  If you’ve asked several companies for quotes, don’t pick the cheapest ones right away.  You want to hire the carrier that will get your car down to you whole, undamaged, and on time.  It’s also imperative that the auto transporter you pick has adequate insurance coverage for the trip, excellent customer service, and that they are accurate with their pick up and delivery times.

So there you have it, our best tips for getting your vehicle safely to your winter home.

If you need additional information or want an estimate from one of Big Sky Auto Transport’s service experts you can request an Instant Quote or call (406) 453-4590.

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