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How Do I Ship a Salvaged Car?

How Do I Ship a Salvaged Car?

How Do I Ship a Salvaged Car?

Purchasing a car from a salvage auction can be a great investment, or a fun hobby to rebuild the vehicle.  However, many cars sold at salvage auctions aren’t drivable or road-worthy.  Shipping a salvaged car doesn’t have to be stressful.  Here are some tips for how to ship a salvaged car.

Research Your Shipping Company

Not all auto shipping companies are created equal.  Research your options for shipping a salvaged car.  Look for reviews and call the company to ask about the process and what type of insurance they have.  Your quote should be transparent, and spell out the loading fees, the cost for the distance shipped, and any shipping insurance you’ll need.

Pay For the Vehicle In Full

Before you ship a salvaged car, make sure that you’ve paid for the vehicle in full.  Why?  Many reputable auctions won’t release the car until the vehicle payment, including any membership or storage fees, are paid for.  Many auctions will give you a couple of free storage days, but it’s important to have your shipping lined up before you buy the car, so that you don’t have to pay extra waiting for a shipping company to get the car.

Provide Complete Shipping Details

Make sure that you have exact details for shipping, including the date for pick-up and the exact location.  You will need the lot number, buyer number, and vin number.  Be sure to ask if there is any other information that you need to give the shipper so that the vehicle can quickly be released by the auction.

Understanding the Equipment Used For Shipping Salvaged Cars

Most salvaged autos will need to be loaded onto the trailer using a forklift and winch.  Even if the car can be driven, for safety purposes, only forklifts are used.  This includes classic cars, too, so bear in mind how your car will be loaded.  The use of these tools may be added onto your overall shipping quote, and usually is about $100.

Keep Up With the Keys

Car keys can easily be lost during the shipping process.  If possible, have an extra set made before you ship the vehicle, giving one set to the transport company and keeping a second set for yourself.

Let’s Get Started!

Do you have a salvaged car you need to be shipped?  Give us a call or visit us online for a FREE, personalized quote.  We can’t wait to make our expertise work for you!


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