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Salvage Vehicle Transport 101

Salvage Vehicle Transport 101

Salvage Vehicle Transport 101

Salvage Vehicle TransportSalvaged vehicles can be difficult to transport, especially if the condition of the vehicle is especially poor.  It takes extra safety precautions and sometimes even special equipment to transport salvaged vehicles. As a result, most auto transport companies do not tend to specialize in this service. 

However, for those who want to transform salvage vehicles into their dream cars, or just need to ship it away, this service is a necessity.  Oftentimes, these cars are sold at auto auctions and then transported to their new owners. Let’s take a look at some factors that are involved in transporting a salvaged vehicle.

Vehicle Functionality

If the salvaged vehicle is inoperable, it becomes more difficult for the auto transport company to even load the car onto the carrier.  When a car is usually being loaded onto a transporter, it is driven onto the carrier where it is locked in place. However, if a car’s wheels have been damaged beyond repair, or if the car is not starting properly, it changes the type of transport and equipment required to load the vehicle.

In most of these cases, a forklift is required to situate the car onto the carrier for transportation.  Yet, if a car can’t even roll, brake, or steer, then a special, longer forklift is required to load the vehicle.  This lack of vehicle functionality requires expertise and specific equipment, which is why auto transport companies, like Big Sky Auto Transport, who offer salvage vehicle shipping services are in demand.

Vehicle Damage

Just as the degree of vehicle functionality can play a role in transport, so can the extent of vehicle damage.  Oftentimes, auto transport companies that specialize in salvage vehicle transport must also have a higher level of insurance because of additional responsibility that comes with transporting broken down vehicles which are not always fully intact.  Of course, transport drivers will do their best to secure any loose vehicle parts, but if a part is lost in travel, they cannot be held liable for the missing part.  Keep in mind that a higher level of damage can typically cost more since the company must also take into consideration any additional safety precautions necessary.

Difficulty Level of Unloading

While a forklift may allow a salvaged vehicle to be loaded onto a transport carrier, this does not necessarily mean that the same type of equipment will be available at the vehicle’s final destination.  Sometimes auto transport companies will have special unloading equipment, such as tow trucks, winches, and trailers. However, if the company does not have this available within their offerings, you might have to hire a tow truck or wrecker separately to unload your salvaged vehicle from the carrier if your vehicle is inoperable.  This careful unloading not only ensures that your vehicle is not further damaged, but it will also protect the carrier. Damages to the transport carrier because of improper unloading could cost you extra money in the end.

If you need a salvaged vehicle shipped to you, we’ve got you covered.  Here at Big Sky Auto Transport, we are proud to offer our salvage vehicle transport services to our customers in need. 

If you need additional information or want an estimate from one of Big Sky Auto Transport’s service experts you can request an Instant Quote or call (406) 453-4590.


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