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Car Shipping Services in Montana


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Dealer Relocation and Transport

We relocate vehicles for many auto dealerships throughout the Northwest, Southwest and Westerly states. Within a weeks time we can help dealers transport that “ONE AND ONLY” vehicle your customer is looking for. Even if it isn’t at your location, our car carriers and amazing team can help make your customers dream car a reality.

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Personal Transports

With todays amazing technology, you can find any make, model, year, color, size or shape of an automobile, snowmobile, motorcycle, pickup truck or boat possibly imaginable right at your fingertips. Let Big Sky Auto Transport be the answer to that impossible question! “how could something so far away be as close as a phone call away?”. Big Sky Auto Transport can be the call that can make that seem much less impossible. So find your dream car, find that classic muscle car that you have always wanted!! We offer transport for a variety of motorized vehicles. Just call and speak with our dispatch specialist for a quote and to check sizing. You’re in great hands with our professional auto shippers.

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Seasonal Transports

Shipping cars is what Big Sky Auto Transport does best, even in the harshest of environments and weather. We help reduce your travel concerns that come with going South for the winter. Everyone looks forward to seeing their friends, having a tottie in the sun, playing a relaxing round of golf when the frigged winter sets in back home. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to fly South and have your car delivered safely at your warm winter destination. Now you can!  Let Big Sky Auto Transport help your vehicle arrive safely, allowing you more time to enjoy the things in life that are more important. Now you can enjoy your specialty vehicles (Harleys, Boats and your Shiny Convertibles) year round. No more leaving your summer fun behind… YOU’VE EARNED IT!!!

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Salvage Vehicles

Figuring out how to ship a car when it’s salvaged is a tough one. But we make it easy! With the rising cost of a new vehicle and the expense of what one little fender bender can cost, more and more people are opting to repair their vehicles through a salvage yard. Salvage yards are becoming a huge asset to Insurance Companies, Auto Body Shops and even individuals when it comes to repairing vehicles. We can transport many types of salvage vehicles.

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Canadian Transports

We have a GREAT customer relationship with our friends to the North. We can deliver vehicles to Montana for your convenient pick up or shipping from Great Falls. We will be happy to accommodate your schedule!