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Solving the Puzzle of Gifted Vehicle Delivery

Solving the Puzzle of Gifted Vehicle Delivery

Solving the Puzzle of Gifted Vehicle Delivery

auto-transport-company-montanaImagine the happy face of a loved one as they receive a new vehicle as a gift for a birthday, graduation, Christmas holiday, or celebration.  Maybe you have a granddaughter up north that needs a vehicle to commute to her new job, or a nephew in high school that needs a sturdy vehicle that’s good in all-weather to travel to school and sports activities.  When the car arrives, there may be shouts of joy or even a few tears! You’ll want to make sure that those are tears of joy, not frustration. Big Sky Auto Transport has some tips to make your gifted vehicle delivery experience a success.

Handle the Giving Pieces

You can’t gift a vehicle that’s not yours and yours alone, free and clear of any loans.  You also need your original title for the transaction. If you don’t owe on the vehicle and the title lists only your name, you can opt to make the vehicle a gift.  If the title includes a spouse or another person’s name, that person must also agree to the gift and sign the title. It’s a good practice to create a bill of sale including the names and signatures of title-holders to show that the car was gifted.

Let’s say there’s a sad event involving the death of a loved one who would have wanted a relative or friend to take over their car.  A situation involving a car owned by someone that has died presents an additional complication. Check with the probate court before giving the car as a gift.  If you fail to do this, the recipient may have difficulty in completing the title transfer.

Consider the Receiving Pieces

You may have loved your 2002 luxury sedan and want to give it to your daughter as a gift.  She may think that the car is too old, unsafe, or not something she’d want to drive. Maybe she can’t afford to make repairs or pay for the upkeep.  Why take that chance? Discuss the gift with the intended recipient before planning the delivery. Proceed only if she wants the vehicle in its current state and is willing to pay the costs of running and maintaining the automobile, fixing any problems, paying taxes according to current laws, and paying for the insurance.  Say you want to surprise your grandson with a car. In that case, work closely with the parent(s) to determine if the gift will work out. 

Always keep in mind that once someone else owns the car, the new owner may keep it or choose to sell it.  The owner can take it to a lot and trade for a different vehicle. The person may have it painted or altered in some way.  Once the vehicle is no longer yours, you can’t control what happens to it, so you must be able to live with changes to what you may have imagined.

When You’re Ready to Ship a Gifted Vehicle

Everything checks out and you’re eager to gift your vehicle.  You’ve taken all your personal items from the auto and cleaned it up for the recipient.  Now, imagine how you’ll get that car from your location to theirs. It may seem like a puzzle, but Big Sky Auto Transport makes the puzzle easy to solve, if you take a few steps. 

  • Plan well in advance, at least several weeks out.  Certain times of the year, such as the month prior to Christmas, are much busier than other times.  The cost to deliver may increase during busy times as well. If your delivery date is important, don’t wait until the last minute, no matter the time of year.
  • Give all important information about the car to the delivery company.  Ask for a price and if the company can meet your date. In fact, it’s recommended to check with a few companies to make an informed choice.
  • Check with your gift recipient or the person who knows the car is coming to make sure that the timing is right.  Someone must be available to receive the vehicle delivery.

Don’t worry, we’ll make the pieces of gifted vehicle delivery fit for you.  If you need additional information or want an estimate from one of Big Sky Auto Transport’s service experts you can request an Instant Quote or call (406) 453-4590.  Follow all the suggestions for a successful, happy automobile gifting experience. 

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