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What are seasonal fluctuations in auto transport?

What are seasonal fluctuations in auto transport?

What are seasonal fluctuations in auto transport?

big-sky-car-shipping-600wFactors contributing to shipping a vehicle vary throughout the year and region.  The first few weeks of the winter season can be chaotic for people spending the winter months in warm weather states.  As snowbirds migrate to and from their seasonal destinations the impact on auto transport companies is evident.   

Seasonal fluctuations in the auto transport world can impact pricing, speed of the service, and the customers’ overall experience.  At Big Sky Auto Transport we educate our customers in an effort to try to take the confusion out of when to schedule the shipment of your vehicle.  This can help avoid delays, provide a clear expectation of when to schedule your auto transport, and ensure your vehicle is protected.

Why do seasonal fluctuations occur in auto transport?

Now,  let’s look at why this happens, and try to pinpoint which times of the year have higher demands for your area.

Shipping a Car in Winter Season: 

Like many people you are trying to escape the cold winter months experienced in the north by heading down south.  Choosing to have your vehicle transported during the winter, unlike summer, can cause unexpected delays due to high demand and weather conditions. 

Typically, with the fall and winter jam packed with holidays, many snowbirds will travel to and from their seasonal property multiple times to visit family.  This further increases the demand for auto transport companies. Planning ahead can save time, money, and frustration. This is especially true with southern states.

Shipping a Car in Summer Season:  

During the summer months you’ll find that demand is typically more consistent, which can lead to increased rates, especially if you are shipping to or from a major city.  You also don’t have to worry about securing a covered carrier since the harsh weather isn’t as much of a concern. Shipping your car in the summer typically has less delays due to better road conditions, but that doesn’t always hold true for all auto transport companies. 

In Conclusion

Overall, seasonal fluctuations in auto transport companies are something everyone should be educated on.  Knowing when the demand for auto transport is high is important to avoid delays, save money on shipping cost, and offer the peace of mind that your vehicle is being taken care of while en route.  We recommend you research your area with plenty of time to spare, look at the high demand times, and most importantly book ahead of time.

At Big Sky Auto Transport, our knowledgeable and certified professionals ensure your car’s safety for your peace of mind.  Check out our range of available services and contact us to schedule your next auto transport.

If you need additional information or want an estimate from one of Big Sky Auto Transport’s service experts you can request an Instant Quote or call (406) 453-4590.

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