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What causes delays when shipping a car?

What causes delays when shipping a car?

best car shipping companyWhat causes delays when shipping a car?

 When you’re getting a car shipped it’s not always possible to guarantee pick-up or delivery dates.  There are simply so many variables in auto transport that guarantees are not always guaranteed. Some of the things that can cause delays when transporting a car are traffic, weather, customer delays, or even truck breakdowns.  Big Sky Auto Transport breaks down a few things that could potentially cause delays when shipping your vehicle. 


Poor driving conditions, accidents, or construction can cause traffic to move slowly, or even stop for hours at a time.  Driving conditions continue to change just as drastically as the landscapes. And although auto transporters will usually try to avoid driving through big cities, it can’t always be avoided. 


The U.S. is a large country, and the varying climates across the states can be a tricky variable. Especially when you take into consideration that some parts of the country have long winters with below zero temperatures for months and snow falls long into the spring months, whereas other parts of the country never even see snow.  With large distances such as these it can be difficult to estimate changes in weather and driving conditions. Something as simple as a snowstorm or icy road conditions could halt a transport truck for several hours, if not days. 

Customer Delays

Customer delays can occur when a customer shows up late with their car, or not at all, delaying the process for everyone shipping their cars with the same carrier.

 Truck Breakdowns

When trucks are used often, and put on as many miles as transport trucks do, the wear and tear on parts can  be considerable. Even when the trucks are well maintained you can still have breakdowns. For example, the driver could get a flat tire. Any type of breakdown will cause a delay, but it could be significantly longer for some repairs depending on the type of breakdown, and location.

 Distance Matters

Of course, the risk of breakdowns, and delays increases with longer distances. In state deliveries aren’t necessarily as complicated as cross-country deliveries. 

 Number of Stops

The number of cars on a truck also matters, since the truck might have to make frequent stops to pick up or drop off other cars on the way to your destination.  The more stops your car carrier has to make, the longer shipping your car will take.

 Delivery Location

Always keep in mind that the location where you are shipping your car will matter too.  Rural or other hard to reach locations will often add on to delivery times. Shipping your car to a metropolitan area might be faster.  If you do happen to be shipping to one of those hard to reach areas, and time is of essence, you might want to check with your carrier if meeting them somewhere more central might cut down on the delivery time.

 Do Your Part

Thankfully you can do your part to make sure your car arrives on time.  Plan out your shipping well in advance for when you need the car to arrive.  A good rule of thumb is to book your transport well in advance of when you want your car to arrive.  Also make sure that you have a way of communicating with the carrier so that you can call and find out about unexpected delays.  The carrier will usually call you a few hours in advance to give you an estimated drop off time.

Auto transport carriers want to deliver their cars on time, but in a business where unexpected delays can happen it cannot always be avoided. We suggest planning your auto transport service in advance, and choosing a reputable company. 

Check out our range of available services and contact us to schedule your next auto transport.  If you need additional information or want an estimate from one of Big Sky Auto Transport’s service experts you can request an Instant Quote or call (406) 453-4590. 

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